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How to earn more coins in raids ?

You can easily earn more coin in raid by below tips

You can use the”Bet” function of the slot machine which can increase the total number of Coins won in Raids by 2 or 3 times (and in some cases much more!).

Another method to make more in Raids is to utilize Foxy pet, who will collect the fourth area in every Raid to make you more coins.You need to feed foxy during raid to work this and You can also use xp points to upgrade and increase the capacity of foxy during raid to earn you more coins.

Once you reach Village level 4, your first pet, Foxy, will be unlocked and an animation will guide you through the various actions associated with pets such as feeding and levelling them up. link

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Little Alchemy 2 Cheats Hints Combination Guide

Little Alchemy 2 launched in year 2017 is an amazing  crafting video game enjoyed by countless gamers. It includes hundreds of items, fresh art design and lovely music.Mix products and create the world from scratch! Discover amazing products accompanied by amusing descriptions and lose yourself checking out the big library!

In this guide, we’ve assembled a cheat sheet of all the living products we’ve discovered and crafted up until now in the game. We’ll start by showing you the best ways to make life, then plants, humans and animals. We have actually likewise included dishes for all the products we’ve created based off of those products. We hope these dishes will be handy

Little Alchemy 2 Cheats Hints


• 580 elements.
• Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Polish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian.
• Mix elements to create interesting, fun and surprising items.
• Play at your own pace.
• Every combination is a little puzzle to solve.
• Leaderboards – check how many elements your friends have.
• Achievements
• Google Play Games integration
• Night Mode

Non-Pokki Versions: 560 Elements.
Pokki Desktop Version: 30 Combinations.
Hidden Gems: 9 Combinations
Complete Little Alchemy Game Possible Combos: 599 Items.


1st formula

2nd formula

3rd formula

4th formula

Acid Rain Rain + Smoke Rain + Smog
Air (Basic Element)
Airplane Bird + Metal Bird + Steel
Alarm Clock Clock + Sound
Alcohol Time + Fruit
Algae Water + Plant Plant + Ocean Plant + Sea
Alien Life + Space
Allergy Dust + Human
Alligator Lizard + River Lizard + Swamp
Alpaca Mountain + Sheep
Ambulance Hospital + Car Doctor + Car
Angel Bird + Human
Antarctica Desert + Snow Desert + Ice
Aquarium Water + Glass Glass + Fish
Archipelago Isle + Isle
Armadillo Wild Animal + Armor
Armor Metal + Tool Steel + Tool
Ash Energy + Volcano
Astronaut Human + Moon Human + Rocket Human + Space Human + Space Station
Astronaut Ice Cream (page) Astronaut + Ice Cream
Atmosphere Air + Pressure Pressure + Sky
Atomic Bomb Energy + Explosion
Atomic Fireballs (page) Atomic Bomb + Fire
Aurora Antarctica + Atmosphere Antarctica + Sky Antarctica + Sun
Avalanche Energy + Snow
Axe Blade + Wood
Bacon Fire + Pig
Bacteria Life + Swamp
Baker Human + Bread
Banana Fruit + Monkey
Bank Gold + House House + Safe
Barn Cow + House House + Hay House + Livestock
Bat Sky + Mouse Mouse + Bird
Batman Bat + Human
Bayonet Blade + Gun
Beach Water + Sand Sand + Ocean Sand + Sea
Beaver Wild Animal + Wood
Beer Alcohol + Wheat
Bicycle Wheel + Wheel
Bird Sky + Egg Sky + Life Air + Egg
Birdhouse Bird + House
Black Hole Star + Pressure
Blade Stone + Metal
Blizzard Snow + Wind Snow + Storm
Blood Human + Blade
Boat Water + Wood
Boiler Metal + Steam
Bone Time + Corpse
Book Paper + Wood Paper + Story
Bread Fire + Dough Fire + Flour
Brick Fire + Mud Sun + Mud Fire + Clay Sun + Clay
Bridge River + Wood River + Metal River + Steel
Broom Wood + Hay
Bullet Gunpowder + Metal
Butter Milk + Pressure
Butcher Human + Meat
Cactus Plant + Sand Desert + Plant
Cadbury Eggs Chocolate + Egg
Camel Desert + Wild Animal Desert + Horse
Campfire Fire + Wood
Candy Cane Sugar + Christmas Tree
Car Metal + Wheel
Caramel Fire + Sugar
Caramel Apple Orchard + Caramel
Carbon Dioxide Human + Oxygen Plant + Night Tree + Night
Caramelo Chocolate + Caramel
Cart Wood + Wheel
Castle Knight + House
Cat Wild Animal + Milk
Catnip Plant + Cat
Caviar Human + Hard Roe
Centaur Human + Horse
Cereal Milk + Wheat
Chainsaw Electricity + Axe
Charcoal Fire + Wood Fire + Tree
Cheese Time + Milk
Chicken Bird + Livestock
Chimney House + Fireplace
Chocolate Willy Wonka + River
Chocolate Milk Chocolate + Milk
Christmas Stocking Fireplace + Wool
Christmas Tree Light bulb + Tree
Cigarette Paper + Tobacco
City Village + Village Skyscraper + Skyscraper
Clay Mud + Sand
Clock Electricity + Time Time + Wheel
Cloud Air + Steam
Coal Plant + Pressure
Coconut Palm + Fruit
Coconut Milk Coconut + Tool
Coffin Wood + Corpse
Cold Rain + Human
Computer Nerd + Tool Electricity + Nerd
Cookie Sugar + Dough
Cookie Dough Cookie + Dough
Corpse Human + Gun Grim Reaper + Human
Cotton Candy Sugar + Electricity
Cow Livestock + Grass
Cuckoo Clock + Bird
Cyborg Human + Robot
Cyclist Human + Bicycle
Dam Beaver + River Wall + River Beaver + Wood
Darth Vader Jedi + Fire Jedi + Lava
Day Sun + Time Sun + Night
Desert Sand + Sand
Dew Fog + Grass
Diamond Coal + Pressure Coal + Time
Dinosaur Time + Lizard
Doctor Hospital + Human
Dog Wild Animal + Human
Doghouse Dog + House
Double Rainbow! Rainbow + Rainbow
Dough Water + Flour
Dragon Fire + Lizard
Drunk Human + Alcohol Human + Beer
Duck Water + Bird
Dune Beach + Wind Wind + Sand Desert + Wind
Dust Earth + Air Vampire + Sun
Dynamite Wire + Gunpowder
Eagle Mountain + Bird
Earth (Basic Element)
Earthquake Energy + Earth Wave + Earth
Eclipse Sun + Moon
Egg Stone + Life Bird + Bird Turtle + Turtle
Egg Timer Egg + Clock
Electric Eel Electricity + Fish
Electrician Electricity + Human
Electricity Energy + Metal Sun + Solar cell
Email Letter + Computer
Energy Fire + Air
Engineer Human + Tool
Eruption Energy + Volcano
Explosion Fire + Gunpowder
Family Human + House
Farmer Human + Field Plant + Human
Faun Human + Goat
Field Earth + Tool
Fire (Basic Element)
Fireman Fire + Human
Fireplace Campfire + House
Fireworks Sky + Explosion
Fish Time + Hard Roe
Flood Rain + Rain Rain + Time
Flour Stone + Wheat Windmill + Wheat
Flute Wind + Wood
Flying Fish Bird + Fish
Fog Cloud + Earth
Forest Tree + Tree
Fossil Dinosaur + Earth Dinosaur + Time
Frankenstein Electricity + Corpse Electricity + Zombie
Fridge Metal + Cold Electricity + Cold Metal + Ice
Frozen Yogurt Cold + Yogurt
Fruit Tree + Farmer Sun + Tree
Fruit Tree Fruit + Tree
Fun Dip Sugar + Sand
Galaxy Star + Star
Garden Plant + Grass Plant + Plant
Geyser Earth + Steam
Gift Santa + Chimney Santa + Christmas Stocking Santa + Christmas Tree
Glacier Ice + Mountain
Glass Electricity + Sand Fire + Sand
Glasses Glass + Metal Glass + Glass
Glasshouse Plant + Glass
Goat Livestock + Mountain
Gold Sun + Metal
Goldfish Fish + Cheese
Golem Life + Clay
Grass Earth + Plant
Grave Earth + Corpse Earth + Coffin
Gravestone Stone + Grave
Graveyard Grave + Grave
Grenade Explosion + Metal
Grim Reaper Scythe + Human Scythe + Corpse
Guiness Float Beer + Ice Cream
Gun Metal + Bullet
Gunpowder Fire + Dust
Hail Cloud + Ice Rain + Ice Ice + Storm
Ham Meat + Smoke
Hamburger Meat + Bread
Hard Roe Water + Egg Fish + Fish Egg + Ocean Egg + Sea
Hay Scythe + Grass Farmer + Grass
Hero Dragon + Knight
Horizon Sky + Ocean Sky + Sea Earth + Sky
Horse Hay + Livestock
Hospital Sickness + House
Hourglass Sand + Glass
House Brick + Human Human + Wood Brick + Tool Wall + Wall
Human Earth + Life
Hurricane Energy + Wind
Ice Water + Cold
Ice Cream Cold + Milk Ice + Milk
Iceberg Sea + Ice Ocean + Ice Sea + Antarctica Ocean + Antarctica
Idea Light Bulb + Human
Igloo Ice + House
Internet Computer + Computer Computer + Wire
Isle Volcano + Ocean
Jedi Lightsaber + Human Lightsaber + Knight
Juice Pressure + Fruit
Juicy Fruit Juice + Fruit
monarch Castle + Human
Kite Paper + Wind
Knight Armor + Human
Lamp Light bulb + Metal
Lava Fire + Earth
Lava Lamp Lava + Lamp
Leaf Tree + Wind
Leather Blade + Cow
Letter Paper + Pencil
Life Energy + Swamp Time + Love
Light Electricity + Light bulb
Light Bulb Electricity + Glass
Lighthouse Light + Ocean Light + Sea Light + House Light + Beach
Lightsaber Energy + Sword Electricity + Sword
Lion Cat + Wild Animal
Livestock Life + Farmer Wild Animal + Human
Lizard Swamp + Egg
Love Human + Human
Lumberjack Human + Axe Human + Chainsaw
Manatee Cow + Sea
Marshmallows Sugar + Campfire
Meat Tool + Cow Tool + Pig
Mermaid Human + Fish
Metal Fire + Stone
Meteor Atmosphere + Meteoroid
Meteoroid Stone + Space
Milk Farmer + Cow Human + Cow
Milky Way Milk + Space
Mirror Glass + Metal
Money Paper + Gold
Monkey Wild Animal + Tree
Moon Sky + Cheese
Moss Plant + Stone
Motorcycle Bicycle + Energy Bicycle + Steel
Mountain Earthquake + Earth
Mounds Chocolate + Coconut
Mouse Wild Animal + Cheese
Mud Water + Earth
Mummy Pyramid + Corpse
Music Sound + Human Flute + Human
Narwhal Ocean + Unicorn
Nerd Glasses + Human
Nerds Sugar + Nerd
Nest Bird + Tree Bird + Hay
Newspaper Paper + Paper
Night Time + Moon
Oasis Water + Desert
Obsidian Water + Lava
Ocean Water + Sea
Oil Sunflower + Pressure
Omelette Fire + Egg
Orchard Fruit Tree + Fruit Tree
Origami Bird + Paper
Owl Night + Bird
Oxygen Sun + Plant
Palm Isle + Tree
Paper Wood + Pressure
Parrot Pirate + Bird
Peeps Sugar + Chicken
Pegasus Horse + Bird Horse + Sky
Pencil Charcoal + Wood
Penguin Ice + Bird Wild Animal + Ice
Perfume Flower + Water
Petroleum Fossil + Pressure
Phoenix Fire + Bird
Pie Dough + Fruit
Pig Mud + Livestock
Pigeon Letter + Bird
Piggy bank Pig + Money
Pilot Airplane + Human
Pipe Wood + Tobacco
Piranha Blood + Fish
Pirate Sword + Sailor
Pizza Cheese + Dough
Planet Earth + Space
Plankton Water + Life
Plant Rain + Earth
Platypus Duck + Beaver
Pokki Computer + Squirrel
Pond Water + Garden
Pop Rocks Stone + Explosion
Popsicle Ice + Juice
Pottery Fire + Clay
Pressure Earth + Earth Air + Air
Printer Computer + Paper
Prism Glass + Rainbow
Pyramid Desert + Stone
Rain Water + Air Water + Cloud
Rainbow Sun + Rain
Red Vines Sugar + Wire
Reindeer Santa + Wild Animal
Ring Diamond + Metal
Ring Pop Diamond + Sugar
River Water + Mountain
Robot Metal + Life Steel + Life
Rocket Airplane + Space
Rust Air + Metal
Sailboat Wind + Boat
Sailor Human + Boat Human + Sailboat
Salt Sun + Ocean Sun + Sea
Sand Stone + Air
Sand Castle Sand + Castle
Sandpaper Sand + Paper
Sandstorm Energy + Sand Hurricane + Sand Storm + Sand
Sandwich Bread + Ham Cheese + Bread
Santa Human + Christmas Tree
Scalpel Doctor + Blade
Scarecrow Human + Hay
Scissors Blade + Blade
Scorpion Wild Animal + Dune Wild Animal + Sand
Scythe Blade + Grass Blade + Wheat
Sea Water + Water
Seagull Beach + Bird Sea + Bird Ocean + Bird
Seahorse Horse + Ocean Horse + Sea
Seaplane Sea + Plane
Seasickness Sickness + Sea Sickness + Ocean
Seaweed Plant + Ocean Plant + Sea
Shark Blood + Ocean Blood + Sea Wild Animal + Ocean Wild Animal + Sea
Sheep Cloud + Livestock
Sickness Rain + Human Sickness + Human
Ski Goggles Snow + Glasses
Skittles Rainbow + Sugar
Sky Cloud + Air
Skyscraper Sky + House
Sledge Snow + Cart Snow + Wagon
Sloth Wild animal + Time
Smog Fog + Smoke
Smoke Fire + Wood
Snake Wire + Wild Animal
Snow Rain + Cold
Snowball Human + Snow
Snowboard Snow + Wood
Snowman Snow + Human
Solar Cell Sun + Tool
Sound Wave + Air
Space Star + Sky Star + Moon Sun + Star
Squirrel Mouse + Tree
Star Night + Sky
Starburst Rocket + Fruit
Starfish Star + Fish Star + Sea Star + Ocean
Statue Stone + Tool
Steam Water + Fire Water + Energy
Steam Engine Boiler + Tool
Steamboat Water + Steam Engine Steam Engine + Boat
Steel Coal + Metal
Stone Air + Lava
Storm Energy + Cloud Electricity + Cloud
Story Human + Campfire
Sugar Energy + Juice Fire + Juice Energy + Fruit
Sun Fire + Sky
Sunglasses Sun + Glasses
Sundial Sun + Clock
Sunflower Sun + Plant
Sunglasses Sun + Glasses
Surfer Wave + Human
Sushi Seaweed + Caviar Seaweed + Fish
Swamp Mud + Plant
Sweater Wool + Tool
Swedish Fish Fish + Sugar
Sweethearts Love + Sugar
Swim Goggles Water + Glasses
Sword Metal + Blade Steel + Blade
Swordfish Sword + Fish
Telescope Sky + Glass
Tide Moon + Sea Moon + Ocean
Time Sand + Glass
Titanic Steamboat + Iceberg
Toast Fire + Sandwich Fire + Bread
Tobacco Fire + Plant
Tool Metal + Human
Train Steel + Steam Engine Metal + Steam Engine
Tree Plant + Time
Treehouse Tree + House
Tsunami Earthquake + Ocean
Turtle Sand + Egg
Twilight Day + Night
Twix Caramelo + Cookie
Umbrella Rain + Tool
Unicorn Double Rainbow! + Life Double Rainbow! + Horse Rainbow + Horse Rainbow + Life
Vampire Blood + Human Vampire + Human
Village House + House
Volcano Earth + Lava
Vulture Bird + Corpse
Wagon Horse + Cart
Wall Brick + Brick
Warrior Sword + Human
Watch Human + Clock
Water (Basic Element)
Water Gun Water + Gun
Water Pipe Water + Pipe
Wave Wind + Sea Wind + Ocean
Werewolf Wolf + Human Werewolf + Human
Wheat Field + Farmer
Wheel Tool + Wood
Wild Animal Life + Forest
Willy Wonka Engineer + Sugar
Wind Air + Pressure
Windmill Wind + House
Wine Alcohol + Fruit
Wire Electricity + Metal
Wizard Human + Energy
Wolf Wild Animal + Moon Wild Animal + Dog Dog + Forest
Wood Tree + Tool
Wool Sheep + Tool
Yoda Jedi + Swamp
Yogurt Bacteria + Milk
Zombie Life + Corpse Zombie + Human

Monster Legends Cheats Hack Breeding Guide

If you’re all about multiplayer video games, you’ll enjoy Group Wars, where you’ll be able to battle other Monster Masters and win magnificent rewards and War Coins you can utilize to collect the special monsters in the Team Shop.Battle with the supreme monster fighting force to lead them to success in Monster Legends! Type, feed, train and raise Legendary monsters and turn them into beasts!

Collect mighty monsters to uncover unique skills and improve your technique in action jam-packed battles. Develop a world for your beasts to live, fill it with environments and breed brand-new types! Take your monsters on interesting quests and fighting games full of strategy. Just then will you have the ability to prove yourself a Monster Master!Join your pals and connect with a Monster Neighborhood of over 60 million players. Start structure, collecting and battling today! Monster Legends is a monster of an action game!

Monster Legends Cheats Hack

Monster Legends Breeding Guide

The most important part of the game is Monsters and there are nine elements of them – Fire, Water, Nature, Thunder, Light, Magic, Dark, Earth and Legendary. You will mostly be breeding two different elements to combine them and create a hybrid.

How to Breed Any Monster?

You can go to this page to learn how it requires to get a specific monster. The results are arranged in excellent to bad order, you can also compare different mixes with the “Percentage Bar” – greater, much better; or by comparing the “Avg Time” – shorter, better.

How to Breed Legendary Monsters ?

Basic: Breeding Legendary Monsters is special procedure, it does not have to be relative in between parent monsters and the legendary one. Let’s believe this procedure is comparable to Deus Vault breeding if you have actually played Dragon City. Therefore, all you need is having right parent monsters and some luck!

In Monster Legends, you will discover more than 100 distinct monsters. All these animals belong to a particular type which provides specific skills and benefits in battles. You heard right: In the mobile video game, you will take on other beast masters in heated fights. The action game features 3 versus 3 fight which requires great deals of tactical thinking. Make the right decisions to come out as the winner. Only then will you be able to arrive of the ranking.

The mobile video game functions both an Adventure and Arena mode where you can test your abilities, technique, and stamina and see what your monsters can. Make sure to shield yourself from your opponents’ attacks and take their resources when the timing is.

Monster Legends Cheats Hacks

You will Find many website claiming to provide hack to Monster Legends but in reality all they do is give you survey to complete.You will not find monster legends hack without human verification.