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Hey folks, we at AmitBarala.com, accept contributors who love to provide some value to our readers via Quality Content.

Before going to get in touch with us, please read the information below to increase the chances of getting accepted on our website.

Who can Submit a Guest Post?

Except spammers, anyone can submit his/her posts to contribute to AmitBarala.com. Let it be a first time writer or experienced one, we welcome all. Our website can be a great place to be published on, your first Guest Post.

What kind of Articles do We Accept?

We publish various types of articles on AmitBarala.com and here what you can submit as Guest Post:

  • Guide & Tutorial
  • Opinion
  • Review
  • Comparison
  • Alternative Listicles
  • Best Listicles
  • Case Studies

What kind of Topics do We Accept?

We accept the Guest Post on the following topics:

  • Technology
  • Gaming & Esports
  • Finance (Personal Finance, Investing, Trading & Loan/Credit)
  • Business & Marketing

What We don’t Accept?

We don’t accept the following type of Guest Posts:

  • Gambling
  • Betting
  • Casino
  • Adult
  • Alcohol/Smoking
  • Money

General Guidelines for Guest Posting

The following Guest Posting Guidelines should be adhered:

  • The article should be unique and exclusively for AmitBarala.com that should not be published anywhere else.
  • The article will be the property of AmitBarala.com after publishing on our Website.
  • The article should be at least 1500 words long.
  • The subject of the Articles should be clear.
  • It should not promote a product or service.
  • The language should be easy to read (avoid Jargon) as our readers are not professionals.

SEO Guidelines for Guest Posting

  • The article should be focused on a Single Topic or Keyword (Long Tail preferred).
  • The Focused Keyword must have 2000 search volume per month according to GKP/Ahref/Semrush.
  • The article should have an Introduction and Summary at the end. It should be suitably distributed under Sub-Topics.

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