Cookie Clicker Cheats Hacks and Tips

Cookie Clicker is a Javascript based game created  by Orteil and released on August 10, 2013.It is an “incrementer” game, as said by Orteil. The objective of the online game is to bake cookies by clicking on a big cookie until you have sufficient cookies to purchase upgrades. The game play is very simple Cookie Clicker is a game that can go on an unlimited amount of your time or the system on which you are playing can no longer run this game.

Cookie Clicker Cheats Hacks and Tips

Cookie Clicker is addictive game that has taken the internet by storm and there are lot of players playing this game now.Here you will find Cookie Clicker Cheats Hacks and Tips to help you with playing this game.

Cookie Clicker Cheats Tips

When tapping cookies will provide you cookies as rapidly as possible, by making use of numerous fingers. Tapping making use of 2 fingers will constantly lose out on a few of them however you can even tap with 4 fingers so that you can wind up making large amounts of cookies, plus improving the multiplier rather a bit. Do it rapidly to tap those cookies as this will improve your cookie overall quantity tremendously.

Your goal in this video game is to click cookies on your phone  display screen to make as much cookies as possible. To make a great deal of cookies, you will simply click the substantial cookie as rapidly as possible in which it will make you a bunch of cookies. After gathering appropriate cookies, you can use them to buy power ups that you can use to make much more cookies for the next stages.

Cookie Clicker Hack


There are various cookie clicker codes available I have also seen some cookie clicker auto clicker which automatically click on the cookie to give you infinite number of cookies.

Power Click in Upgrades Store will increase your Click with every level your clock power doubles.
Power Click has actually greater CPS compared to the Auto Clicks when tapping the screen. If you want to get a lot of Cookies for a short time amount, simply upgrade the Power Click and actively tapping the screen will offer you a big quantity of Cookies.However both Auto Clicks and Power Click must be updated since they are had to enhance your existing level.

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