Diep.io Cheats Tips Download Diepio Guide

You Must have heard of latest new game called diep.io .Diep.io is the new game available for playing.this game is just like agar.io but with tanks where you kill other players and upgrade your tanks.Welcome to the Diep.IO Mobile – Tanks Online Game Cheats and Codes page where we will help you with a set of cheats, codes, hints, tips

Diep.io Cheats Tips Download Diepio cheat

Below are some Diep.io Cheats


  1. There are Obstacles  in the game, which you need to shoot in order to gain experience and later level up, include colored squares, triangles and pentagons.
  2. You can shoot with the left mouse button, which you should do often – you have to shoot square, triangle, and pentagonal obstacles to farm up EXP to level up.
  3. When you destroy shapes or other tanks your tank level bar begins to fill. Once it’s full you level up.
  4. Good strategy is to get to level 15 and upgrade to a Twin class, then maxing out your bullet damage and reload. When you reach level 30, upgrade to a Triplet class and max out Bullet penetration and bullet speed.
  5. Be Quick diep.io game is all about being quick and fast. The quicker you are, the higher the chances. When you are slow, it also affects your overall game play.
  6. Upgrade carefully Know the different elements that needs to be upgraded such as the Health Regen that boost life recovery rate or the Max Health that helps in increasing maximum life element.

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