Diep.io Mods Diep.io zoom extension

Diep.io Mods Diep.io zoom extension cheats

The Diep.io extension combines Diep.io Mods and Diep.io cheats to make the very best possible extension for Diep.io.

1- [ESC] Menu
2- [X] Key for auto fire
3- [Z] Key for auto spawn
4- [V] Key for dark theme
5- [C] Key for 4:3 aspect
6- Auto Nickname Save
7- Minimap
8- [1-8] Keys For Upgrade Stats
9- [Shift + 1-4] Key For Upgrade tank

Diep.io is a game that you try to kill tanks. Diep.io play is a bit harder than other .io games. There are some levels which give you more features. Here you can find everything

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Diep.io zoom mods

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