How To Play Game ? GamePlay is the latest MMO game in the year 2016.In players  play as a plane and try to kill other planes in order to get up to the top of the leader board and get more points and increase their rank.

Below is starting screenshot of when you open website on your web browser

 how to Play Game

How To Play Game ?

In this Game have to kill other planes. Players are able to collect little, shining yellow dots to increase their health. Players engage in dogfights and shoot down players to get more points.A small plane pilot and shoot the other players in the air! the extra point and improve ship and above all.make sure to collect bonuses along the way for score and better ammo, that way ranking up to become the king of the rank.

Players can also collect parachutes with certain weapons. They can be missiles, 3-shot shotguns, a ray gun, or more health.

  1. The ray gun shoots a big, yellow laser that kills in one shot.
  2. The spreading gun can shoot multiple bullets at one time
  3. The missiles are one shot kills and can lock on players.

Below is this Reddit address baout game

You can ask questions and give suggestions about this game.

What are you waiting now go to and play this new game.

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