Tricks Tips Cheats Mods Play Online Tricks Tips Cheats Mods is one of the new and best iO games online that has just been recently launch online to play.Similar to other iO games, also offers some interesting mods to all players. Once using mods, you will get a chance to gain an edge over the opponents by utilizing further additional features, hacks, tricks, and awesome stuff added to the original game, which makes your game more amazing to play. Since the game has just been released, Mods are not still available yet! Tricks Tips Cheats Mods Hacks

About Game Play

You have a little mouse in the beginning of If you level up enough, you can eat different foods to gain more experience.

To play game well, make sure you fully understand the in-game controls first, especially if you are completely new to the game. The controls are so simple and very easy to use. If you want to run, you just simply use your left mouse button. Also, you can fire the water or launch your attacks to the enemies by pressing key W or click right mouse button. To chat with the other players in the game, you will use key Enter

you can not eat people who are circled in red because they are stonger than you. You can hide your character with pits from enemies who have red circled. Press W or right click to shoot water.

You need to be careful of your water which increases your speed when you are clicking left-click to run. You can eat people who are circled light-green because they are less stronger than you.

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