Bloxorz Level code Bloxorz Cheats

The game is a web-browser based game written in Flash. It runs in most desktop web-browsers and multiple platforms. It does not translate well to mobile platforms due to the the required keys and the lack of support for flash on many mobile platforms.Bloxorz is an addictive, puzzle-style game where you have to fit rectangular blocks into square holes. You will utilize bridges and teleportation to take you to different destinations on the field. This game is just as fun as it is challenging, but sometimes the challenge proves to be too much. That is why we have designed this site to provide you all of the latest Bloxorz cheats and codes.

Bloxorz Level code Bloxorz Cheats hacked


Below are codes that will help you jump to certain levels. After the game has started, simply load the stage and enter the code below to go to that level.

  • Level 1: 780464
  • Level 2: 290299
  • Level 3: 918660
  • Level 4: 520967
  • Level 5: 028431
  • Level 6: 524383
  • Level 7: 189493
  • Level 8: 499707
  • Level 9: 074355
  • Level 10: 300590
  • Level 11: 291709
  • Level 12: 958640
  • Level 13: 448106
  • Level 14: 210362
  • Level 15: 098598
  • Level 16: 000241
  • Level 17: 683596
  • Level 18: 284933
  • Level 19: 119785
  • Level 20: 543019
  • Level 21: 728724
  • Level 22: 987319
  • Level 23: 293486
  • Level 24: 088198
  • Level 25: 250453
  • Level 26: 426329
  • Level 27: 660141
  • Level 28: 769721
  • Level 29: 691859
  • Level 30: 280351
  • Level 31: 138620
  • Level 32: 879021
  • Level 33: 614955

Bloxorz is a very enjoyable puzzle game. There are several very interesting puzzles in the game which required the player to really consider and plan their moves out rather than aimlessly traverse the environment until they magically get the solution.


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Happy Wheels Unblocked Games


Happy wheels is one of the most played flash game on the internet.This Game is played both by children and adults for their entertainment and enjoyment.The goal of the game also differs depending on the level. In most levels the goal is to reach a finish line or to collect tokens. Many levels feature alternate or nonexistent goals for the player.
Happy Wheels unblocked game is a  physics-based browser game developed and revealed by Fancy Force. Created by game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010.There are many versions on happy weels game .The game has many player characters, who use totally different vehicles to traverse the game’s several levels. the game is  better-known for its graphic violence.

Realize Your Racing Goals With Happy Wheels
Playing the demo version of this advanced racing game in a perfect manner will help you in obtaining the best features in precisely the same way as you anticipate. However, it is necessary to go through various other aspects as well due to which getting along with the exact requirements of yours in an extensive manner too is possible on time. Considering the creative concept of happy wheels school in an accurate way will help you in coordinating with your advanced needs with highest quality prospects for sure.

Happy Wheels Unblocked controls

The game controls of happy wheels unblocked full version 1,2,3 are shown just under the main game window making it fairly easy to understand and play. Movement mechanisms primarily include acceleration and tilting controls

Control your wheeled vehicle with arrow keys.
– Z = Eject
– SPACE = Primary Action
– Shift & Control = Secondary actions

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