Unblocked at School Games play

If You are Searching for Unblocked game to play at your office or at your school then you must the fan of game. This is an awesome airplane shooting game. Your simple mission in this mass multiplayer game is to shoot down enemy players. Collect weapons and kill everything with wings or you will Dead.

As soon as you start Wingsio game, you need to control your plane well so that you can avoid any attack from the enemy.

Its really hard to pass time when you have nothing to do in your schools  during some free classes :p .

Controls: Mouse = Control your plane, Space & Left Mouse button to shoot

You can easily play Unblocked over here.

Just click on Play unblocked below

>> Unblocked<<



{ 0 comments } Skins Name Cheats Tips Guide is another popular .io game in the list of on growing io games. was recently released as an Android app, which means that it is now available both on your mobile device and on your is a browser io game, where you are a narwhale! The objective of this game is to kill other narwhales with the characteristic horn in the forehead.

Narwhal io Tips Tricks Skins Cheats tips cheats tricks

To navigate across the board, you can use either your arrow keys or your mouse (or your finger on Android devices). To boost, and ultimately kill your competitors, you click and hold. The longer you hold your mouse, the larger your attack will be.

How to use skins on

Choosing skin in is very easy. Just like some other games you  have to log in or share on social media to unlock skins,  You have to Share the game to social media and there you will an option to choose the narwhal skins during your game play.

narwhale io skins cheats

The game is fairly new and is being updated with new skins weekly

As shown in the image you have option to choose a random colour skin or a random skin or you can choose you own skin during game play.

Here are the narwhale skins names  currently available which you can get in the game.

  • French flag
  • plain
  • Rainbow stripes
  • US Flag
  • Hot dog
  • Black and white stripes
  • German flag
  • shrimp
  • etc

Comment your favorite skins which you play during game play.  🙂

{ 1 comment } Tips Tricks slitherio Cheats is a great game for time pass.Everyone want to become biggest snake in the game.Below are the few Slitherio tricks tips will will help you to become Biggest  largest and longest Slitherio Snake quickly.You just need to follow these tips an you will soon become longest snake in the world 😀 Tips Tricks slitherio Cheats for you Trick 1 –Use the Speed

Boost Support is one of the components in the Game that makes it all the more energizing. You should simply to snap and hold it to use the boost feature. It ought to be noticed that your length diminishes while boosting, in this manner it is ideal to help when you have an average length. Tricks 2 –Circling the other players

Once you think your snake is long enough, find a snake that is smaller than you. Try to get as close to him/her as possible without being killed.Keep cutting it off and make a ring around it to prevent escape.Make the circle smaller and smaller until the snake inside has no where to go and touches your snakes sides. Once it touches your side, the loot is all yours since no one else can take it. Tricks Biggest Slitherio Snake Tips 3  Use the Wall in the game


You’ll find that the competition is fierce in Slither.IO. Sometimes when you’re going after a big enemy and trying to encircle him, chances are he’ll catch on pretty quickly and try ramming you into the wall. While doing this doesn’t have the victim leaving behind their balls of light, it does kill them. This causes them to start all over.